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The man with the idea and the chutzpah to move the needle from idea to reality. Haresh likes the color green (as in gloves), customers (past, present and future), and an occasional scotch.

Haresh Gangwani

CEO and Founder

Steve Ehrlich

The man behind the curtain, Steve makes the Bolstra engine purr. He likes stand-up desks, stand-up meetings, and sitting by the pool.

Steve Ehrlich

COO (and former colleague of Haresh)

John Warne

JW enjoys sports stuff (fan and player), tech stuff (again – fan and player) and his twin grandbabies (yep – fan and player with them, too).

John Warne

VP of Customer Advocacy (and former colleague of Haresh and Steve)

Tim chooses to work from his Park City mountainside home, rather than commute to our humble Indy-based offices. He says he prefers taking a lunch-time ski versus a walk through our parking lot. We don’t judge him for this.

Tim Sublette

CTO (and former colleague of Haresh, Steve and John)

Lisa Leahy

Lisa is THE sales leader, THE undiscovered artist, and hales from THE Ohio State (along with her husband and kids). (and she has never worked with any of these guys before Bolstra)

Lisa Leahy

VP of Sales

Bolstra was born in 2014 when two long-time pals finally decided to marry their complementary skills and deep experience in the SaaS space to form their own software company together. Within a year, the company pivoted in response to the compelling stories of fellow B2B software leaders who were clamoring for help in preserving and growing their existing subscription customer bases.

Today, Bolstra is THE agile customer success platform, and the leadership is comprised of a team with about a century of experience in managing and growing software companies. (They all started working when they were 15!)