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Why Bolstra

What makes Bolstra a great partner

Once you determine that a product is worthy of your investment, what makes you ultimately decide to do business with a company?

Strength of the leadership. Proven successes. Aligned vision. Cultural fit. Shared values.

Top 10 reasons to form a partnership with Bolstra:

  1. Our Customers are top tier
    Coveo is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for the 2nd year…they chose Bolstra over Gainsight and Totango.Bolstra is the only approved CS vendor at Experian, a global financial services enterprise.
  2. Our Customers Love Us
    They’ve rated us as a G2Crowd High Performer.I not only like, but I LOVE the culture of Bolstra. They believe in Customer Success. It shows in their product, leadership, employees (especially Adam Young). We have a budding partnership and we feel completely empowered to do more with Bolstra. (Ben Hong, Director of Customer Success, Coveo)
  3. Our Investors are avid supporters
    4G Ventures, Elevate Ventures, Allos Ventures, Colina Ventures, Charmides Capital, and VisionTech Partners are all invested in us
  4. We don’t waste our customers’ time
    We have successfully deployed every client we have signed, with first time to value in less than 8 weeks.
  5. We respect our customers’ investment
    It’s “proven” that Midwesterners are friendly, frugal and eager to help. As Hoosiers, we are committed to keeping our midwestern reputation intact.
  6. We are a great value
    Our pricing structure is competitive and bundled to include expert implementation services – customers are implemented effectively simply because they are Bolstra customers, no hidden fees
  7. Our company leaders have been down this road before
    With over a century’s worth of experience building successful software companies, our senior leadership team knows that great companies are built around successful customers.
  8. We practice what we preach
    We live our recommended Customer Success best practices as well as our market-leading platform, and we constantly make improvements based upon our own experiences and those of our customers.
  9. We listen
    Some of our best product features have come from customer ideas. You simply cannot expect to be agile in meeting your customers’ needs if you can’t listen and respond. We have made listening for understanding a way of life at Bolstra.
  10. We are quite good at cornhole
    See #5 above. It goes with the territory

Our Values

Bolstra is a software solution (SaaS) provider for Business to Business companies looking to increase their recurring revenue by reducing churn and identifying upsell opportunities. Our solution, with built-in best practices, helps your company drive the desired outcomes that your customers demand.

  • Customer Delight

    We “white-glove” each and every customer, serving them with the highest quality Products, Services and Support. We welcome customer feedback and work tirelessly to create customer experiences that assure customer loyalty and advocacy. Our success as a company is a direct reflection of the success of our customers.

  • Integrity

    We conduct all matters of business, internally and externally, with integrity. We uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. We will maintain a professional demeanor in all situations and circumstances while conducting business.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about our business and demonstrate pride in our work at all times. We instill a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun work environment. We encourage an atmosphere that promotes leadership, creativity and innovation from all team members.

  • Community

    We understand and embrace our responsibility to the larger community. We strive to serve as a resource to support the needs and aspirations of local businesses and citizens. Ours is a caring company that will consistently give back to our community.

  • Stewardship

    Our service to our customers, partners, fellow team members, and owners will at all times be responsible. We welcome accountability and demonstrate care and character in every decision we make.