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Define & Deliver First Value Quickly and Effectively

Customer Success Guide

First value attainment is the linchpin to customer loyalty. Unfortunately, many B2B businesses don’t have a plan for how to get their customers there. They either do “whatever it takes” to make their new customers happy, OR they have no real approach to implementation and onboarding.

Customer Success Managers are at the helm in demonstrating first (and ongoing) value to customers, and they need a game plan and tactics for doing their job successfully.

In the e-book Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Customers to First Value, we provide CSMs the resource they are craving. This practical guide provides specific guidance on:

  • How to get involved during the sales cycle to ensure closure and a clear plan for kicking off
  • The best approach to conducting value-rich kickoff meetings
  • Tactics for training admins and end users
  • A checklist for assessing whether or not you’ve effectively launched a customer
  • And more!

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