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Achieve Complete Visibility
Turn customer insights into foresight.

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Stop guessing about the status of your customer experience and know who is at risk for churning.  

health dashboard
account view

Assess whether you are creating the appropriate experiences to meet your customers’ desired outcomes. 

Manage growth and predict revenues more accurately.


Create more customer success and reduce churn by visualizing your entire Customer Journey. 

Focus on what delivers the most value to your customers.

Do the Right Work
Manage customer success more efficiently and effectively to deliver the outcomes your customers desire.

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Proactively prioritize your daily work and create consistent and reliable customer experiences.

activity boards

Collaborate cross-functionally to deliver appropriate experiences that help your customers achieve their desired outcomes. 

Grow more revenue by seamlessly managing renewals and expansion opportunities.

contract dashboard
activity board

Increase adoption by managing workflows that directly correlate to your customer’s journey.

Enhance engagement by customizing customer experiences and staying focused on their specific needs.

activity list view
account filtering

Segment efficiently and effectively with custom filtering that isolates the most important account attributes.

Operationalize Best Practices
Harmonize customer acquisition, retention, and expansion strategies to scale your organization reliably.

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Manage your customer’s success with clarity by gaining accurate insight into your customer health.

health scores
health dashboard
filtered accounts

Empower every CSM in your organization to facilitate the attainment of desired outcomes for all of your customers.

Identify customer advocates who will help you grow revenue exponentially.

Work smarter not harder. Scale your ideal customer journey with outcome-based playbooks tailored to your customer’s goals.

Maintain Focus on critical accounts to mitigate churn risk.

Work 360

Integrations are the fuel that makes customer engagement and success come to life. Integrate with ANY software from across the enterprise with Work 360.  

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Bolstra Work 360

Seamless integrations allow you to gain complete visibility into your customer and the workstreams required to deliver ongoing value so that they become loyal advocates.

What Our Customers Say About Work 360.

We no longer have to switch between systems to know clearly the support ticket trends of our customers. Our integrations with Jira and Zendesk provide quick and thorough visibility into this aspect of our customers’ health.

Nicole Donker, Head of Customer Success, Goodup

By integrating Salesforce and ServiceNow with Bolstra, we are able to collaborate cross-functionally between Sales, Services, Support and Customer Success. Our Account, Contact, Contract, Activities and Opportunity data is all synchronized with Bolstra so that we have all the information we need to support critical customer decisions and execution strategies.

Adam Staples, Director of Customer Success , Aprimo

Bolstra allows us to pull calculated healthscores on a daily basis that we share directly with our customers. This transparency is integral to cultivating and retaining great customers.

Gail Briggs, Senior Account Manager, Worxtime

Flexible architecture adapts to your technical environment so all users can work anywhere, anytime. Highly configurable so you can add functionality as needed. Open API First design so you can connect all your softwares.

Bolstra Integrations
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