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Account Management

With Bolstra, you can depend upon a TRANSPARENT and holistic view of all of your accounts. Whether you view them individually or in filtered groups, use Bolstra to manage Renewals, Contracts, and Upselling/Cross-Selling.

  • Renewal Management
  • Contract Management
  • Upsell/Cross Sell
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Bolstra provides a consistent foundation for our team to build the most effective routines to achieve success for each unique client. It is also allowing us to stop and evaluate what is needed internally, for the growth of team and company. Having CSMs involved in the process has been invaluable. They are now better equipped to lead each client and our team to reach the desired goals. Overall, the result is more value for each client and our company.

Kathleen Moffat, VP of Client Services, MyCOI

Companies need to address the basic blocking and tackling of customer success first. Bolstra’s Agile approach places the priority on work management that TSIA members crave.

John Ragsdale, VP Technology Research, TSIA