The Value of a Great Discovery

When does your relationship begin with a customer?

Lisa: In a perfect world, I’d like to be involved BEFORE a prospect becomes a customer.  Yes, my official job starts “post-sale” but here at Bolstra we have found that meeting the prospect once we are considered their vendor of choice,  gives them one more reason to do business with us and gives me an opportunity to discover what they’re really hoping to accomplish with our platform.

Even though my official JOB starts “post-sale”,  we at Bolstra like to get Customer Success involved once we’ve been selected as the vendor of choice.

What’s the goal of Discovery?

Lisa: I think of Discovery as a relationship-building exercise. if it’s not going to be a good fit, don’t we want to know that before we get hitched! Its all about getting real with each other,  honesty and trust building. MY goal with a shared discovery session – is to set ME up to be successful working with my customer.

This requires honesty and trust-building.  If it’s not going to be a fit, don’t we want to know that BEFORE we get hitched?

What should be discovered during Discovery?

Lisa: First of all, I want to know why they are buying our solution. I would love to uncover any additional concerns or issues that they have about adopting our solution. I’m all about relationships and people. I like to know if there are any dynamics I should be sensitive to.  Who’s in charge really?

Why is this so important?

Lisa: This could be the most important relationship-building exercise we do. It sets the tone of honesty, trustworthiness, thoroughness, and competence. Who would say no to that?