Customer Success: In a minute (or two) Ep.1


What is a Customer Success Manager?

Lisa Walker: A customer success manager is not just sales, it’s not just customer marketing or customer support you can really call it whatever you want but as long as you are ensuring a customers’ success then you and I do the same thing.

What do you do as a Customer Success Manager?

Lisa Walker: Contrary to popular belief, I do more than just renew accounts. I am in charge of my customer’s success which means I am in a relationship with my customer. I am in a relationship with the whole organization. I work with marketing,  I work with R&D, I work with sales because it takes a whole company to be on the same page to make sure that our customers are actually successful.

What do you care about?

Lisa Walker: Obviously I care about my customer’s success, but let’s be honest, I ultimately care about my customers being so happy that they want to renew with us and they trust me enough to grow with us.

What do you need to be able to do your job?

Lisa Walker: I need my customer to help me help them. This means that we both set realistic expectations and then we hold each other accountable to them. At the end of the day when all else fails you just have to bring your passion, your A-game, no one wants to work with a dud.