Bolstra: Customer Success


  • Lisa Leahy: I think every business realizes that the key to growth is customer success and they know that’s an important thing to attain. They just don’t know really how to do it.
  • Steve Ehrlich: Customer advocacy is really something that every company needs to strive for. It really is the pinnacle of the customer relationship. You start at building on customer success. You drive your customers to loyalty. But it’s really in advocacy where they become revenue creators for you.
  • Lisa Leahy: And that’s so important because 90% of your business comes from your existing customer base. You have to make sure you’re doing absolutely everything possible to maintain that healthy relationship and that you’re proactively doing all of the right things to ensure that your customer is successful.
  • Haresh Gangwani: The one thing about customer advocacy is how you are customer-centric in what deliveries you’re doing. So you’re not company centric. You’re customer-centric and our platform gives you the ability to do that.
  • Lisa Leahy: Bolstra is a customer growth accelerator that provides companies a way to see all of the [00:01:00] engagements across the organization that they’re having with the client to maintain the health and know the relationship stats at all time. But it’s also a work management platform that allows a company to manage all of the activities that are involved in supporting a customer.
  • Haresh Gangwani: To deliver consistently on value to your customers, you’ve gotta have Bolstra. Bolstra has been architected to create all the information about customer deliverables in one place, so no longer ad-hoc way of reaching [00:01:30] out to the customer, no longer access to the information disparate systems, which causes friction.┬áBolstra is a friction remover.
  • Steve Ehrlich: Without Bolstra, a company operates with each department interacting with the customer individually. With Bolstra, what you’re doing is you are managing the customer experience. You are anticipating their needs. You are operating prescriptively, not reacting.
  • Haresh Gangwani: And when you’re prescriptive, you are proactive. You are a fire preventer, not a firefighter. That’s why Bolstra.