Customer Success: In a minute (or two) Ep. 2

By | 2018-09-25T15:37:55-04:00 June 13th, 2018| The Value of a Great Discovery When does your relationship begin with a customer? Lisa: In a perfect world, I’d like to be involved BEFORE a prospect becomes a customer.  Yes, my official job starts “post-sale” but here at Bolstra we have found that meeting the prospect once we are considered their vendor of choice,  gives them one more reason to do business with us and gives me an opportunity to discover what they’re [...]

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Bolstra: Customer Success

By | 2018-10-24T08:32:21-04:00 April 5th, 2018| Bolstra: Customer Success Transcript: Lisa Leahy: I think every business realizes that the key to growth is customer success and they know that's an important thing to attain. They just don't know really how to do it. Steve Ehrlich: Customer advocacy is really something that every company needs to strive for. It really is the pinnacle of the customer relationship. You start at building on customer success. You drive your customers to loyalty. But [...]

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