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Maturity of Customer Success Teams

As Customer Success teams evolve at a rapid pace - from fledgling ad hoc efforts to more repeatable and measurable strategic teams - we wanted to know how things were going out there. So, we surveyed teams to get a clearer picture on the state of things. Check out our findings.

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Agile Scrumban: The Best Approach for Customer Success

The self-managed, customer-focused nature of the Agile methodology is fast becoming the go-to approach across industries and functions. The Scrum framework and Kanban system, which are associated with Agile, are particularly complimentary for Customer Success Management – so much so that it’s clear that an Agile Scrumban solution is the ideal fit for managing the work of Customer Success Teams. Why’s that? To understand where the benefits of an Agile approach come from, we need [...]

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