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Loyal Customers Feed the Funnel: The Math Goes a Long Way

Once upon a time, in the world of perpetual licenses and revenue streams coming predominantly from new logo acquisitions, pipelines looked like this: In today’s subscription economy, existing customers represent 70+% of total ARR, and have a significant effect on revenue – both recurring and new. Consider the math. In the calculations below, COMPANY has an Existing ARR (EARR) of $0 and generates $1,000,000 in New ARR (NARR) in Year 1. NARR grows at a [...]

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Making Magical Experiences: Customer Success the Disney Way

What if we all took a page out of the Disney manual for Customer Success and “made magical experiences come alive” for our customers? At the core of Disney’s guest services model, they are committed to delighting their customers by knowing their guests well enough to be relevant to them…everyday, every time they interact with their brand. Perhaps we should all be a little more Disney-like in our Customer Success efforts. After all, if we [...]

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#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… None of the Above

Consider these 3 SaaS company scenarios: A: At the weekly sales meeting, the CSO summarizes the pipeline. There are three newly closed accounts, readying for launch. There is an anticipated 60% closure rate on the warm prospects. There are an additional 15 conversations that have been started, with appointments being scheduled within the next two weeks. The sales team clearly knows their prospects and continues to hunt down new opportunities. B: The services group meets [...]

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Biggest Customer Engagement Mistakes

Talk with Tim Got questions about Customer Success? Ask Tim. Tim Conder is Vice President of Customer Success here at Bolstra, and has a wealth of knowledge he’s chomping at the bit to share. Ask him anything about how to get from your current state to an organization with best practices geared specifically toward helping YOUR team get YOUR customers to reach THEIR goals. Tweet #TalkwithTim or click here to submit your question. [bctt tweet="#TalkwithTim " via="no"] [...]

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#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… Bad Habits Turning into Best Practices

Does your spouse or friend have a bad habit? Does he interrupt people when they’re speaking? Check her phone all the time? Have an annoying verbal crutch, and doesn’t even know it? If only they knew how annoying those habits were, and how much easier the relationship could be if they just didn’t have those habits. Just like personal bad habits, we can also get into customer engagement bad habits, and not even know it. [...]

#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… A Standing Lunch Date with a Good Friend

You know those friends you meet every Thursday for lunch, and when you walk in, you start talking even before you’ve been sat? You save up things you’ve been wanting to hash out for that scheduled and anticipated lunch date, and you use the entire time sharing, venting, processing, and problem solving. You leave the lunch and head back to work feeling heard, and (ideally) with a clear approach to your issue of the day. [...]

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5 Common Missteps that Impact the Heart of your Customer Service

When I was in high school I dated a boy scout.  The relationship was exactly as you’d imagine.  He treated me well.  He followed the gentleman’s handbook to the letter.  Opened doors for me, carried my books, he bought me gifts and showered me with attention, but that wasn’t what I was after.  He wasn’t focused on what I really wanted, only on what he thought he needed to do to win and maintain my affection. This is what we often do [...]

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The Challenges of Being a Customer

SaaS services I’ve tried recently have left me in the cold because I could feel they were too focused on numbers and not enough on actually earning my business. The worst offenders use tracking software that borderlines on being creepy: companies ask for my email at every corner, not offering any great content in return. When I receive communications from them, they generally sound like someone talking into a megaphone with no real personal understanding [...]

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