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A CRM Tool is not a CSM Tool

Why Isn’t a CRM an Effective Tool for Customer Success? We get asked this question a lot. So, we thought we’d take the time to provide some education around the many types of tools that businesses use to manage their customer (and prospect) relationships, and why, specifically, a tool for sales doesn’t work for customer success. First, some basic definitions: Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a comprehensive term that refers to all the ways a business manages [...]

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#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… None of the Above

Consider these 3 SaaS company scenarios: A: At the weekly sales meeting, the CSO summarizes the pipeline. There are three newly closed accounts, readying for launch. There is an anticipated 60% closure rate on the warm prospects. There are an additional 15 conversations that have been started, with appointments being scheduled within the next two weeks. The sales team clearly knows their prospects and continues to hunt down new opportunities. B: The services group meets [...]

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#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… Bad Habits Turning into Best Practices

Does your spouse or friend have a bad habit? Does he interrupt people when they’re speaking? Check her phone all the time? Have an annoying verbal crutch, and doesn’t even know it? If only they knew how annoying those habits were, and how much easier the relationship could be if they just didn’t have those habits. Just like personal bad habits, we can also get into customer engagement bad habits, and not even know it. [...]

#CustomerSuccessLooksLike… A Standing Lunch Date with a Good Friend

You know those friends you meet every Thursday for lunch, and when you walk in, you start talking even before you’ve been sat? You save up things you’ve been wanting to hash out for that scheduled and anticipated lunch date, and you use the entire time sharing, venting, processing, and problem solving. You leave the lunch and head back to work feeling heard, and (ideally) with a clear approach to your issue of the day. [...]

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