Experian Chooses Bolstra over Gainsight, Totango, Client Success and Others 2019-01-25T10:07:22-05:00

Experian Chooses Bolstra over Gainsight, Totango, ClientSuccess and Others

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Experian Data Quality is the division of Experian that provides comprehensive data quality management solutions that help clients maintain the accuracy of their customer records, reduce errors, and avoid additional costs associated with bad data. Within the past two years, Experian formed a Customer Success team to help preserve and expand high value accounts. They wanted a platform that would integrate with their other systems, and enable the team to deliver ongoing value, using an agile workflow. The team evaluated ten tools, and chose Bolstra because it provided them the ability to be proactive with their accounts using Bolstra’s robust workstream capabilities.

The Problem:

Even high-value customers can churn unexpectedly if you are not carefully monitoring their customer health. 

When Experian lost a sizeable account without visibility into the reasons, they assessed their Client Solutions division to determine the best approach for mitigating this risk. The division included professional services (responsible for implementation), technical support, sales engineering, and renewals specialists – each relying upon different tools, including Salesforce, Clarizen, and SatMetrix.

The leadership decided to expand their Client solutions division to incorporate a Customer Success team. The “new” customer success team took on the role of customer advocates, and now works across all the other teams to ensure the customer is continuing to derive value from their software. The team is tasked with mitigating the risk of churn by being proactive with their accounts.

To be effectively proactive, the CSMs needed a technology that could help them deliver their services to their customers. They sought a Customer Success platform that would help integrate the data from the disparate systems to provide the CSMs full access and visibility. They also wanted a platform that would enable and automate their agile workstreams.

The Solution:

With the goal of adopting a Customer Success platform to help Experian deliver their valuable services, they chose Bolstra over other vendors because of its robust workflow capabilities.

Led by Ariel Benzakein, Experian’s Client Solutions team made the decision to invest in a Customer Success platform that would align with their vision: proactive delivery of value to their high value accounts to stave off the risk of churn.

We evaluated ten platforms that promised to help us reduce churn. We chose Bolstra over Gainsight, ClientSuccess, Totango and others because of its agile methodology and workflow capability. None of the other platforms could help us proactively deliver our services that are vital to retaining and growing our most valuable customers.

– Ariel Benzakein, Senior Director of Customer Solutions at Experian

With Bolstra in place, Experian’s Customer Success team began to operationalize their charter. Where they used to have to check Salesforce (and other tools) to identify activities, they now have workflow in place which automate actions. For instance, if a customer provides a negative response to a survey, Bolstra automatically launches a specific and well-defined set of activities for the CS team to execute. These activities are more than just check-lists. They contain everything a CSM needs to do to address (and improve) the customer’s health.

This is huge. We had things that were getting missed, and now our team is immediately apprised of the customer’s potential dissatisfaction, and we are on it before any further damage can be done.”

– Benzakein

Not only is time saved when certain actions are automatically triggered, but this automation promotes better behaviors. The team is able to prioritize their workload because they have assigned urgency labels to certain activities. Workstreams are more efficient AND can easily be sequenced by priority.

The Value:

The ease of creation and execution of workflow that Bolstra provides enables CS teams to be proactive with their customers, which is key to mitigating problems that could affect churn.

An investment in a Customer Success platform must align with the team’s charter. It’s one thing to be able to monitor customers, and it’s a far bigger thing to be able to proactively deliver to them. Experian sought a platform that would have both capabilities, but recognized that without the latter, the investment would not hold as much value for them.

By adopting Bolstra, Experian has become more efficient and effective. Each member is fully empowered to take the right next step with their customer, and not have to rely upon
guesses or intuition.

Benzakein says that, “his team now sees the big picture, and can identify problems before they arise.” This was the reason they wanted a CS platform, and adopting Bolstra has turned their vision into a reality.

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