2016: Bolstra’s Chapter 1

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It’s hard (for us) to believe that Bolstra was born in 2016. In our short time as a company, we have accomplished so much. From thought leadership, to product launch, to expert services, we’ve taken Customer Success Management by storm, and are poised to greet 2017 with abundant excitement about what’s to come. In fact, when asked, “What does it mean to Bolstra?” our CEO, Haresh Gangwani claimed “To infinity and beyond!” No doubt, the entire Bolstra team feels the same unrestricted optimism about the future of the company, and we all can’t believe how lucky we are to be part of this story that’s just starting to be written and shared. Truth be known, we all love what we’re doing and, even moreso, who we are doing it with. We LIKE working through messaging, designing product, facilitating workshops, networking, and sharing the Bolstra story TOGETHER. So, when asked to think about this past year, here’s how we responded.

Best Memory of 2016

“Getting the call from Rob McLaughlin of NorthQuad, one of the best development teams in the country, agreeing to partner with us in building the Bolstra platform.  I knew then that we could do what we envisioned.”  – Haresh Gangwani, CEO



Account Executive
“My favorite Bolstra memory of 2016 was being hired! I remember thinking to myself, “what can I say or do to earn an opportunity to join this team?”   Now that I’ve been here a few months, I am constantly energized to be a part of a young organization with such a fresh approach to a big challenge facing many companies.  I am also driven by the energy and commitment that the team has for our mission! Every day has been filled with challenges that motivate me to push harder and learn more! Taking a new path has proven to be a pivot in my life that I will look back on and be grateful for in my future.  As Robert Frost stated, “two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference!” ” (so many exclamation points!) – Brian Ellis, Account Manager


Customer Success Manager
“Grilling out on Friday’s during the summer with the team.  Corn hole and a couple beers after a long week of work was great.” (Guess who wins the Corn Hole tourneys?) Adam Young, Customer Success Manager




“Going to Vegas! Loved going with the sales team to TSW Conference, wearing the Bolstra colors, and meeting tons of people. We were the new kids on the block, and it was a ball networking. Can’t wait until next year to see some of those folks.”  – Cheryl Harris (She’s a Woo), Business Development Rep



Chief Sales Officer
“Far and away for me was our holiday party! Small and aspiring start-up software companies (the good ones) create an authentic spirit of family, and Bolstra is a model example of that spirit. Having the opportunity to meet the spouses, and get to know better the personal / extended family side of Bolstra was special, and something to build on. Cocktails – laughter – dancing all came natural and easy for this bunch!  … truly felt like a family reunion (at least that’s how my family reunions go!)” – Jon (the  family man) Stevenson, Chief Sales Officer


What does it mean to Bolstra?

“It means doing our best for each other and for our customers. It’s jumping in with both feet, knowing it won’t be perfect, and there will be missteps and failures along the way. It’s the failing, owning it when we are wrong, and then getting back up and trying again. It’s collaboration, listening to each other, working together to find the best solutions. It’s also the successes: cheering each other on, celebrating the wins and taking pride in our work together. I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else, with any other people.   – Kate Elliott, Customer Success Manager (team cheerleader)

“When I know I’m helping a company help their customers succeed, I can’t Bolstra any harder than that.” – Adam


Vice President of Customer Success
“Bolstra-ing is knowing your customers fully, and being able to serve up value and delight before they ask for it.  ” – Tim (the guy who knows our customers better than they know themselves) Conder, VP of Customer Success



“I absolutely think of Bolstra as a verb that means ‘to strengthen our customers’ ability to assure their customers’ success.’ Everything we do, every tool and service we provide is focused on the delivery of efficient, effective and proactive Customer Success outcomes.” – Dave ((the one who keeps us all on track) Cochran, COO


What’s something you’d like to do with the Bolstra team outside of work?


Vice President of Marketing
“I’d love to take the Bolstra team out go-kart racing. It’d be a hoot to see all the eclectic personalities come alive with a little fun, aggressive, fast-paced activity. My money is on Kate to win!” –  John (we’re not a competitive bunch – ha!) Warne, VP of Marketing


“I think it’d be a great experience for us to do a service project together. This team is so generous and cooperative that I know that working together to serve the community would yield incredible benefits to the community  – and to us as a team. In fact, it’s a Q1 plan to get this on the books!” – Dave


What does the future of Bolstra look like in 2017?

“I would love to see Bolstra reach a huge audience in 2017 and advance the thinking on how the application of a sound strategy, combined with the right platform, can make a major impact on customer retention.” – Adam


Digital Marketing Manager
“My dream for Bolstra in 2017 is to continue to grow a culture of learning and fun while working towards our goal of being the best CS solution on the market. “ – Morgan Cooper (dreamer and realist in one), Digital Marketing Manager

“I am hopeful that our customers are plentiful and delighted! That we are smart, fast and effective in all that we do, and that we create an enduring and unique brand that attracts the best talent to work for us, the best customers that sell for us, and the best partners that help us promote our message and steer business our way!” – Jon (no “h”)


“I’m just going to say it… 100+ customers and our main competitors (Gainsight, Totango, Client Success) talking trash about us because we keep kickin’ their butts.” – John (with an ‘h’)


Our visionary leader, Haresh, says it best when looking to the future,

CEO“Managing positive customer success outcomes is tricky stuff.  My desire is to prove to the market and the Customer Success industry at large that before applying any analytics approach to Customer Success Management, you must think about bringing sanity to CSMs days by providing a top notch Work Management and Work Reduction approach. If your customer success managers are happy they will contribute to positive outcomes. I want Bolstra to be the game changer for the Customer Success Management category!”

About the Author:

Haresh is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bolstra. Haresh is a veteran B2B SaaS industry executive having served in key roles with emphasis in product strategy, sales and marketing.