Meet the Intern: Kristy Thiem

//Meet the Intern: Kristy Thiem

Meet the Intern: Kristy Thiem

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We are excited to introduce Bolstra’s first intern! Kristy Thiem joins the marketing team filling the role of Digital Marketing Assistant. We took some time to get to know Kristy with this little Q&A:

Where do you go to school and what are you majoring in?

DePauw University & I am majoring in Economics

What was the last book you read?

The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner (had to read it in my History of Economics class at school but would 100% recommend)

What is your favorite movie or genre?

Hard to pick favorite movie! Love a lot! My favorite genres are thriller & comedy

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Who is your favorite sports team?

Butler Basketball

What do you like to do when you aren’t interning?

Being outside in the sun, spending time at the lake with friends & family, water skiing, participating in anything that is competitive, & playing with my dogs!

Cats or Dogs?


Where was the last place you traveled?


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Jesus– heard he was a great guy (;

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

Hopefully having graduated, living on my own, & working in a job I love!

About the Author:

Haresh is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bolstra. Haresh is a veteran B2B SaaS industry executive having served in key roles with emphasis in product strategy, sales and marketing.