OpenView: How to Get More Out of Your Existing Customers

//OpenView: How to Get More Out of Your Existing Customers

OpenView: How to Get More Out of Your Existing Customers

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Historically, the sales funnel has been considered linear. Prospects turned into leads, leads turned into customers, and customers became repeat buyers. But, processes evolve and so has the sales funnel, especially in the SaaS world. Prospects don’t just come from cold calls anymore. More than ever, prospects are referred from existing, loyal customers.

Loyal customers are created through a multitude of ways – one of which is a customer success program. Beyond simply managing a customer’s account and checking in, customer success is an operational approach through which the customer is guided in adoption and engagement with your software. With a solid customer success strategy, customer success managers aren’t just reacting to customer issues, they have proactive measures in place to ensure a customer’s success, identify potential upsell opportunities and reduce churn.

When a customer is guided through SaaS adoption with a proactive customer success strategy, it’s likely they’ll end up as a loyal user and an advocate for your solution. These are the customers, who after experiencing your consistent, branded solution, will come to represent as much as 70+ percent of total annual recurring revenue for an organization. There’s convincing math to demonstrate the value they add.

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