Friday Q & A – August 26, 2016

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Friday Q & A – August 26, 2016

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Welcome and thanks for reading our Friday Round Up. Check back each week to read our responses to customer success questions. Have a question about customer success that you would like answered?  Tweet us your question @bolstrallc and include #TalkwithTim.

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Customer Engagement is a two-way street. It’s a process and a partnership between two organizations which enables the vendor to listen and effectively manage the individual needs of their customers. It’s earning a virtual seat at the table with the customer, and symbolizes a true strategic alignment. Stated outcomes, goals, and insight into the customer’s strengths and weaknesses in achieving those are shared with the vendor. This enables the empathy required for a deeper, more trusting relationship. This level of engagement leads to a great customer experience, and it is the foundation of customer loyalty that results in a long­lasting sustainable relationship, and to maximizing negative churn.

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Just looking to add on to the thoughts and ideas already posted. Here are the points that I feel are key to customer success:

  1. Achieve business outcomes Consistently
  2. Be Available
  3. Being Skilled enough to contribute strategically

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First, I want to clarify that I am in B2B SaaS. The company is Bolstra, LLC and we are a Customer Success Management Platform, so my answer is more aligned to that space.

I believe we get away with an extremely low level of service because SaaS prices are a fraction of offering at the start of the last decade. However, the cost of not achieving outcomes and perpetually searching for an effective solution is being realized. I find that these 5 points are what will be trending this year and in the next several years, as companies come to the realization that customer success and service are needed to reduce churn.

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