Making Magical Experiences: Customer Success the Disney Way

//Making Magical Experiences: Customer Success the Disney Way

Making Magical Experiences: Customer Success the Disney Way

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What if we all took a page out of the Disney manual for Customer Success and “made magical experiences come alive” for our customers? At the core of Disney’s guest services model, they are committed to delighting their customers by knowing their guests well enough to be relevant to them…everyday, every time they interact with their brand. Perhaps we should all be a little more Disney-like in our Customer Success efforts. After all, if we want to help our customers reach their goals using our platform, then we better find ways to be relevant every day, all the time.

Let’s take a brief journey through the Disney guest experience, and see what we can take away in our efforts to hone our Customer Success delivery models.


If you want to go to Disney World, you start with the Magic Your Way website, and personalize your vacation plans. Once you’ve made the commitment to head to Disney World, Disney holds your hand and helps you create the vacation that fits (and often exceeds) your expectations.

  • First, they offer sample packages, outline the benefits and amenities included in various resorts and parks, and then guide you through the process of selecting the resort, dining, and amusement reservations that you need for your group.
  • Once you’ve booked your trip, you create an account for Family and Friends that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to book your FastPass+ reservations, as well, and keeps everyone in the loop through your shared My Disney Experience

Take away for Customer Success?

Templates, personalization, and communication.  When onboarding, assume your customers are a motivated, but blank slate. They need some suggested templates and the ability to easily personalize them for their needs. They also need the ability to convey this information to their team. Anything you can do to simplify this process is a value-add.


Your Disney Vacation is finally here. You’ve arrived at the resort, and are ready for the fun to begin.

  • When you check in, you are provided with Magic Bands for each member of your group. These colorful wristbands provide an all-in-one customer experience that allows everyone to “effortlessly” connect to the vacation choices you made in your My Disney Experience The Magic Bands enable everyone to enter the parks, unlock their rooms, and purchase food and merchandise. They also link to the FastPass+ reservations you made so that everyone knows when to meet at the attractions.
  • Don’t forget the My Disney Experience app, too. This provides information about wait times, and allows you to preview photos and sign in using your fingerprint, instead of entering a password.

Take away for Customer Success?

Effortless delight and easy shared communication. The Disney platform is designed to always make their guest experience delightful and easy. From moving about the resorts and the parks, to making purchases, to communicating with others in their groups, Disney has enabled it. What’s your “Magic Band”? Our platforms must seek the same outcome  – effortless delight for our customers. We should always be thinking of how our Customer Success team is a conduit for minimizing friction in our customers’ lives. Everything we do should enable them to easily reach their outcomes and work collaboratively with their own team.


Is it possible to go to Disney World and stay on your plan and not spend any additional money? Sure! But, is it likely, NO WAY! Just like us, Disney wants our customers to be delighted with their experience, and they want their magical experiences to include additional purchases. They do this by making the basic experience ultimately delightful, and the add-ons enticing.

Once you’ve booked your trip and arrive, you really are good to go. If you are staying at a Disney Resort, and have a meal plan as part of your reservations, you don’t have to purchase anything additional. However, you may choose to do so, and Disney makes additional purchases EASY.

  • Remember your Magic Bands. They can be used to purchase souvenirs and photos. There are photos and meals with characters like Cinderella or Mickey Mouse that can be purchased to enhance your magical experience.
  • There’s the Memory Maker package that saves all your photos taken throughout the parks to a single place for your future enjoyment.
  • You can even learn about joining the Disney Vacation Club so that you have a regularly scheduled vacation at the Resort guaranteed. These opportunities for account growth are not pushy, but made available to guests as ways to enhance their vacations – now and in the future.

Take away for Customer Success?

Enhanced offerings and increasing users. As Customer Success managers we should always be keeping our customers’ desired outcomes in mind, and thinking of ways our platform and its features can help them. Knowing both their needs and the full capacity of our offerings is critical to growth. Growth within an account can happen through additional features, assurance services, and the addition of more users. Our job is to know how and when to nurture opportunities for organic growth, and to make those growth opportunities enticing to our customers.


Vacations end, but returning to Disney is always an option, and brand loyalty is a Disney specialty.

  • Recall the Memory Maker option you may have purchased which seals images of Disney’s brand into your permanent family history.
  • Then there’s the e-mail address you gave Disney when you registered for your personal Disney experience and got your Magic Bands. That keeps Disney forever bonded to you, and to your personal preferences for experiencing their resorts and parks.
  • And, before you even depart, someone from Disney has assuredly invited you to learn more about the Vacation Club or to book for next year at a reduced rate.

Make renewals simple, organic, and incentivized. Being asked to renew should not come as a surprise to a customer. Our goal as Customer Success managers is to have them asking us about renewal before we have to bring it to their attention. The more dependent they become upon our platform to reach their goals, the more likely they are to renew. We just have to continually demonstrate the value of our platform to them, and thus keep our “brand” alive in their routines. Then renewing becomes a desired outcome in and of itself – like returning to Disney World.

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