Fundamental Differences between Account Management & Customer Success Management [Infographic]

/, Infographic/Fundamental Differences between Account Management & Customer Success Management [Infographic]

Fundamental Differences between Account Management & Customer Success Management [Infographic]

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How do Account Managers and CSMs Co-exist in Today’s Recurring Revenue Businesses?

As Customer Success gains traction in SaaS organizations and beyond, the value of traditional Account Management is being challenged. B2B organizations with recurring revenue models are massaging their Customer Success charters to find ways to optimally provide ongoing value to customers WHILE they

  • ensure retention,
  • identify growth opportunities, and
  • promote advocacy.

Who is responsible for each aspect of tending to existing customers is an evolving discussion.

Taking a look at where Account Management stood when software shifted to the cloud sheds light on the disconnect between these traditional resources and the needs of the new B2B software customer.  The Account Manager role lent itself well to people with great internal and external relationship-building skills. However, that alone does not deliver enough value to today’s customer.

B2B leaders are looking to strike that elusive balance between delivering value to their customers and maximizing the value they receive from them. Customer Success and Account Management roles play key roles in finding preserving this balance.

As you form, shape and charter your Customer Success organization, consider the differences between traditional account management and the needs of your customers. There’s definitely still a need for navigating renewals and negotiating growth opportunities, and this isn’t always a good role for CSMs.  Traditional Account Management may be dead, but there’s still a key role this resource plays in maximizing the lifetime value of your customers.

Customer Success Management vs. Account Management infographic

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