Fundamental Differences between Account Management & Customer Success Management [Infographic]

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How do Account Managers and CSMs Co-exist in Today’s Recurring Revenue Businesses? As Customer Success gains traction in SaaS organizations and beyond, the value of traditional Account Management is being challenged. B2B organizations with recurring revenue models are massaging their Customer Success charters to find ways to optimally provide ongoing value to customers WHILE they ensure retention, identify growth opportunities, and promote advocacy. Who is responsible for each aspect of tending to existing customers is [...]

The Actual (Real) Value of Loyal Customers [Infographic]

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Customer Loyalty is Directly Correlated to Higher Lifetime Customer Value There is no escaping the value of customer loyalty. The lifetime customer value of customer advocates is enhanced by their referrals and references that help feed the top of the funnel for new customer growth. Consider two companies: one with a steady 20% growth rate and a 90% retention rate, and another with a 30% growth rate and a 100% retention rate. The first company [...]

Maturity of Customer Success Teams [Infographic]

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As Customer Success rides a steep adoption curve across industries, we continue to strive to understand how B2B organizations are chartering Customer Success teams. In a brief survey of Customer Success teams about their composition and capacity, we got a snapshot (in 2018) of this increasingly vital customer-facing role: Only 35% of respondents had a dedicated Customer Success team in place. Approximately 65% of teams were comprised of team members with less than 3-4 years [...]

A Day in the Life of 2 Customer Success Managers [Infographic]

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Customer Success Managers who have a Customer Success Platform are more efficient and effective Customer Success Managers (CSMs) keep a lot of balls in the air over the course of their day. Responsible for delivering ongoing value to customers so that they grow increasingly loyal, Customer Success Managers often perform a variety of tasks and deal with plenty of unplanned, inbound issues that they must address. For instance, a typical Customer Success Manager has to [...]

Customer Success Maturity Model [Infographic]

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Customer Success Maturity is tied to Data, Process, Technology, Skills and Organization As Customer Success teams pop up and mature at a rapid pace, we all want to know where we fit in the context of maturity. Is it the size and experience of the team? The adoption of technology? The processes in place? Yes. Yes. And Yes. It’s all of those things, and more. We’ve developed a Customer Success Maturity Assessment to help organizations [...]