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Agile Adoption: “Dating”

How to Use Agile Customer Success Management to Increase Adoption In our previous blog, Implementing Agile Customer Success Management we shared some best practices for incorporating agile techniques during the first stage (Land) of a post-sale customer relationship. This blog post covers how to continue using agile methodologies as your customers grow more loyal and continue to adopt your solution. Agile methodologies work for Customer Success Management because of the iterative and cyclical nature of [...]

End User Training

WHY IS End User Training IMPORTANT? End User Training is your chance to validate your sponsor’s decision to purchase by demonstrating the power of your platform to his or her team. It is an extremely valuable relationship-building exercise when you are able to do this within their live environment. The best End User Training is built around a well-planned learning design that is persuasive, capitalizes on real and relevant scenarios, and includes reinforcement. WHO NEEDS [...]

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5 Customer Success Platform Must-Haves

If you are a growth-minded B2B XaaS company, then you are likely “doing” customer success in some fashion or another. Whether you have a dedicated team or have operationalized the discipline of customer success across your organization, you are certainly recognizing the value of existing customers and working to deliver continuous value to make (and keep) them loyal. Increasingly, this approach is being supported with platforms designed specifically for enabling your best Customer Success practices. Operationalizing [...]

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Customer Success: Balancing the Value OF Customers with the Value FOR Customers

Customer Success Organizations are the Linchpins in Delivering and Capturing Value “The purpose of a business is to get and keep a customer. Without customers, no amount of engineering wizardry, clever financing, or operations expertise can keep a company going.”  ― Theodore Levitt Never has the importance of keeping customers been more important than in today’s subscription economy. SaaS companies (and any other subscription-based business) know that acquiring the customer is only the beginning, and in [...]

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Landing Agile Customer Success

Incorporating an Agile Customer Success Process Begins in the Land Stage Agile Customer Success is the ideal model for incorporating the basic tenets of Agile management into Customer Success Management.  Some of the core tenets are: Attain customer satisfaction through continuous delivery. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Cross-functional collaboration is key. Agile processes promote sustainability. Simplicity is essential. Inspect and Adapt. The Virtuous Cycle As B2B SaaS companies seek to operationalize their Customer Success process, [...]

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Making the Case for Agile Customer Success Strategies

Making the Case for Agile Customer Success Strategies Customer Success Best Practices Incorporate the best of Agile Methodologies   “Agile” isn’t just for software development. It’s an innovation-based, iterative approach that’s being used in marketing, logistics, HR, and more.  Agile Customer Success Management is the best way to ensure your customers get a consistently excellent experience with your solution, remain loyal, and become advocates. As you determine what your customer success best practices are, and [...]

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Lessons from an Experienced Account Manager

A Learned Account Manager is Jealous of Today’s Customer Success Managers I’ve been in some version of account management – call it customer satisfaction, sales or customer success  - for all of my adult life (my entire life, if you count my girl scout cookie sales). Throughout my 33 years of business experience, I would have struggled far less, and been much more successful, “if only I had known then what I know now.” I [...]

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How Martech SaaS Vendors are Doing CS (and getting it right)

Just so that we’re on the same page, let’s define the terms. “Martech” refers to all initiatives and tools used to help companies achieve their marketing goals.  When we look at the landscape for Martech since 2011, we’ve gone from 3 categories with about 150 vendors to 6 categories with over 5000 providers. It is a vast landscape, indeed. Martech-ers represent a large portion of the SaaS industry, and are, themselves, at the forefront of [...]

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Quantitative and Qualitative Data: A Recipe for Knowing Customers

Knowledge is power. In the B2B subscription economy, we expand on this and say something like: Knowing our customer allows us to help them be successful, which keeps them engaged, and leads to higher customer lifetime values. Whether it’s power or profit that we seek, the importance of knowing our customers isn’t up for debate.  Without knowing them, we can’t assess how successfully their adoption of our product meets their needs. The challenge we face [...]

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Churn Chronicles Volume 1: Frontline Tactics for Creating Churn

Greetings Churngineers! I trust this message finds you ready to stop renewals, block upsells and increase churn!   Here at ChurnHQ we have never been more confident in the potential that you have to undermine the progress in your assigned company, ensuring that their platforms and solutions fall out of budget and lose favor with their customers. Just last week, we received an update from veteran churngineer, Xavier S. Lawsiss about his great success at [...]

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The Definition of Customer Advocacy

Customer experiences are king especially if you’re in a highly competitive industry. We have long known this to be true for B2C companies like airlines, hotels, banks, consumer goods etc that earn the loyalty of their customers based upon positive experiences. Our VP of Customer Advocacy, John Warne, believes this is true for B2B companies as well. Today, every B2B customer has choices to make and there are many viable competitors to choose from. There’s [...]

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