Biggest Customer Service Trends for 2016-2020

//Biggest Customer Service Trends for 2016-2020
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Biggest Customer Service Trends for 2016-2020

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What are the biggest customer service trends for 2016-2020? 

Speaking from the B2B SaaS perspective, I believe SaaS vendors are getting away with an extremely low level of service because prices have dropped and are now a fraction of offering at the start of the last decade. However, at the same time the costs of not achieving outcomes and perpetually searching for an effective solution is being realized.
As companies come to the realization that customer success and service are needed to reduce churn these are the top 5 trends we will see:

  1. Realization that Customer Success does not equal Account Management
  2. Challenges of scale and consistency will cause some to abandon efforts
  3. Importance of consulting and service will be realized
  4. We will put similar efforts into designing service that we put into our products
  5. Our level of service will become part of our differential

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