A Day in the Life of 2 Customer Success Managers [Infographic]

/, Infographic/A Day in the Life of 2 Customer Success Managers [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of 2 Customer Success Managers [Infographic]

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Customer Success Managers who have a Customer Success Platform are more efficient and effective

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) keep a lot of balls in the air over the course of their day. Responsible for delivering ongoing value to customers so that they grow increasingly loyal, Customer Success Managers often perform a variety of tasks and deal with plenty of unplanned, inbound issues that they must address. For instance, a typical Customer Success Manager has to prioritize their daily tasks, respond to inbound emails, lead customer retrospectives, onboard new customers, and identify expansion opportunities – all in a single day with customers in varied stages of their lifecycle.

Many CSMs do all this without a Customer Success platform to help them manage their multi-faceted routines. Those that have adopted a Customer Success platform that provides them full visibility into their customer and the ability to do the right work at the right time are, undoubtedly, more efficient and satisfied with their jobs.

Consider a typical day in the life of two CSMs: one who is supported by a Customer Success platform and one who is not.

A Day in the Life of Customer Success Managers

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