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Bolstra Customer Success Platform

Create more customer advocates while you illuminate your customers’ experiences and create harmony in your organization. Check out the highlights of Bolstra’s platform, and request a demo to see how it can work for you.

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Achieve Complete Visibility

Turn customer insights into foresight.

  • Stop guessing about the state of your customer experience and know who is at risk for churning. 
  • Assess whether you are creating the appropriate experiences to deliver your customers’ desired outcomes.
  • Be more confident about your renewals and sense expansion opportunities to manage your growth more consistently by predicting revenue more accurately.
  • Create more customer success and reduce churn by visualizing your entire Customer Journey.
  • Focus on what delivers the most value to your customers.

Do the Right Work

Manage customer success more efficiently and effectively to deliver your customers’ desired outcomes.

  • Proactively prioritize your daily work and create consistent and reliable customer experiences. 
  • Collaborate across business units to deliver consistent and excellent experiences to your customers.
  • Increase adoption by managing workflows that directly correlate to your customer’s journey.
  • Enhance engagement by customizing customer experiences and staying focused on their specific needs.
  • Segment efficiently and effectively with custom filtering that isolates the most important account attributes.

Operationalize Best Practices

Harmonize customer acquisition, retention, and expansion strategies to scale your organization reliably.

  • Gain accurate insight into your customer health with custom health score capability.
  • Identify customer advocates who will help you Grow Revenue exponentially.
  • Work smarter not harder.
  • Scale your ideal customer journey with outcome-based playbooks tailored to your customer’s goals.
  • Maintain focus on critical accounts to mitigate churn risk.

Customer Success Management is an agile, iterative process that must be done right in order to garner customer advocates. See how Bolstra’s Customer Success Management platform can evolve the way you work with your customers.

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