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Bolstra eLearning Series:

Customer Advocacy

Do more than just Customer Success

We really do love Customer Success but it’s time we start making it something more—Customer Advocacy. We know about reducing churn, collecting NPS, improving customer loyalty with the goal of having steady referrals to bolster revenue, but what about giving back more to your customers? We believe in surpassing regular deliverable exchanges and instead focusing the relationship on advocacy for their goals and missions in order to become an integral part of their business.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Why Customer Success is just a subset of Customer Advocacy
  • Why Customer Advocacy requires a multi-faceted view of the customer
  • Customer Loyalty Webinar
  • A Historical View of Customer Centricity in SaaS
  • What B2B Can learn from B2B for Customer Advocacy
  • Customer Advocacy Podcast
  • Customer Advocacy Management at Scale