Keys to Conducting a Great Kickoff 2019-11-13T12:08:45-05:00

Get In-the-trenches advice from two customer success professionals

Keys to Great Kickoff Meetings

Kickoff is arguably the most important meeting in a customer relationship. It’s the first chance the post-sales team gets to demonstrate to a new customer that they are going to get what was promised during the sales cycle. It’s also the first chance a Customer Success team gets to set the stage for an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship.

In the e-book The Keys to Conducting a Great Kickoff, we provide CSMs with insight into for getting off on the right foot with new customers from the perspective of two different Customer Success professionals. They cover:

  • Putting Kickoff in Context
  • Preparing for Kickoff
  • The Kickoff Agenda
  • Meeting the Needs of the Customer During Kickoff
  • Asking Good Questions

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