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Engagements represent the engagement models that are open or closed on a single account.  Engagement Models are what house the predetermined activity cards that are assigned to an account owner; located on the left-hand side of a single account page.  

Where’s the checklist on my activity card?

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When either manually adding an activity card or adding one to an engagement model in the administration you will notice there is nowhere to add a checklist to the card.  You must create the card, fill in the appropriate information, save, and then reopen the card. 

How to build an engagement model

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Engagement Models are what house the predetermined activity cards that will be assigned to an account owner. Before building an engagement model you will want to have custom activity types and activity lanes created. 

Activity Custom Attributes

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Just like you can customize the account details, contacts and contracts you are also able to customize activity types with specific attributes to be filled in when each activity type is chosen. For example: This is a traditional activity card, meaning the layout has not been customized. However, in the administration panel, the section below was added for the activity type: ticket Each time this type of activity is chosen the following information will populate [...]

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How to delete a contact

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It is common to see the following message when attempting to delete a contact: This message will appear when there are existing activity cards attached to the contact. For historical purposes, you should not delete these activity cards but instead, remove the associated contact within the activity card.   **Note: If you are still not able to delete the contact because of the same message you most likely have cards that were archived at one point. [...]

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How to add someone to an activity card

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It is possible to add another user to an activity card or assign an activity card to someone. Create the activity card and click save. Open the activity card you just created and click the + on the top far right of the card. Begin typing the name of who you want to be added to the card and click save and then close.

How to log a phone call

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Logging a phone call is as easy as logging an activity card as a touchpoint. You can find this icon on the bottom right screen of the activity dashboard. Begin typing the name of the contact you spoke with and choose the appropriate Phone Call Touchpoint in the activity type section.  Fill out the rest of the activity card and click save.

How to log an activity card

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To manually log/create an Activity Card, click the following icon at the top of any swim lane on the Activity Dashboard You can also quickly log a touchpoint using this icon   Activity Dashboard If you are locked onto an account the account will auto-populate in the activity card; otherwise, you can search for the account by typing in the account name. You are also required to choose an activity type and either associate [...]