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How to build a healthscore

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Health Scores are set up in the Administration console. After clicking on Health Scores along the left side menu bar, you can either edit an existing Health Score, or Add + a new one.

What is a healthscore?

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Healthscores within Bolstra are a powerful tool to customize health tracking of your customers. These are to help with predicting your customer problems before they happen. They are displayed on the account overview page and can appear in two different ways: With one data point and with up to 6 data points If you don't have existing healthscores that you track internally but want to, let your Bolstra Customer Success Manager know and they can help you discover [...]

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How to update a healthscore

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Some healthscores are updated via an API, meaning they are connected to an outside source or are triggered by certain events in Bolstra.  If the healthscore is not being updated automatically then it is up to the CSM to update it manually.  Below you will see the two different views of a healthscore, click on the pencil on the top right to bring up the Health Score Questions.   Answer the corresponding question with a [...]

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