Activity Title VS Activity Type

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When filtering activity cards two of the searchable attributes are Activity Title and Activity Type (among many other searchable attributes) Activity Title is the title that was given to an activity card, in this example the title would be "Quarterly Review". The Activity Type is the specific type of activity that the card is now associated with, "Internal Activity" would be the activity type in this example. 

How to filter your Activity Dashboard

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Seeing everyone's activity cards on the dashboard can be overwhelming, filtering these cards can help you see more clearly what accounts need your attention. Begin by clicking   directly below the Bolstra logo on the activity dashboard. Under filter activity by: click 'Add Filter Attributes' and choose one or multiple selections. After clicking "Add Selected" in the top right corner of the Attributes window you can then filter further and then save the selection as [...]

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Activity Dashboard

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The Activity Dashboard is the landing page of the Expert Console;  it informs Bolstra users and managers about Activities and Touchpoints.  It is where all work can be seen and managed.   You can also see the amount of time logged for that current day of work.