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Contract UpdatinginAccount
Oct 3rd 18

The contract(s) for an account can be found on the left-hand side navigation panel.  The contracts are separated into Active Contracts on the top half and Expired Contracts on the bottom half of the contract list. Click on a contract to see the contract details. You can edit the contract…

Activity Title VS Activity TypeinActivity Dashboard
Oct 3rd 18

When filtering activity cards two of the searchable attributes are Activity Title and Activity Type (among many other searchable attributes) Activity Title is the title that was given to an activity card, in this example the title would be "Quarterly Review". The Activity Type is the specific type of activity…

Activity card
Activity title
Activity type
Oct 2nd 18

Notes are what they sound like, relative details concerning any interaction with the account. These notes are helpful when it comes to historical data and keeping future account owners or other departments up to date. The blue button on the bottom right of the page is used to add notes.…

Oct 2nd 18

Engagements represent the engagement models that are open or closed on a single account. Engagement Models are what house the predetermined activity cards that are assigned to an account owner; located on the left-hand side of a single account page. Actions that can take place within an engagement model are…

Engagement model
Oct 2nd 18

Feeds are useful when needing to see the history of an account or activity card, i.e  change of account owners, opening and closing of engagement models etc. Feeds exist in two places: On a single account page, recounting all activity that has taken place on the account.      …

Account feed
Activity feed
Where's the checklist on my activity card?inActivity Dashboard
Oct 2nd 18

When either manually adding an activity card or adding one to an engagement model in the administration you will notice there is nowhere to add a checklist to the card.  You must create the card, fill in the appropriate information, save, and then reopen the card. Once the activity card is…

Export Activities ButtoninGlossary
Oct 2nd 18

Thebutton is on the far right of the Activity Dashboard.  A Bolstra user can use this function to export all activities sitting in one or all lanes into a spreadsheet.  This function simply allows you to have a different viewing option of the activities in your name.

Export Activities Button
Lane ActionsinGlossary
Sep 28th 18

Lane actions allow you to do three things: Reassign activity cards to a different user Make mass activity card moves, meaning if you had multiple activity cards in the to do lane and they all needed to be moved to the closed lane, instead of moving them one by one…

The basics of Bolstra AnalyticsinAnalytics
Sep 27th 18

Below you will find a link to a presentation on how analytics work within Bolstra, as well as how to build some of the most common reports customers ask for. Bolstra Analytics

How to build an engagement modelinAdministration
Sep 27th 18

Engagement Models are what house the predetermined activity cards that will be assigned to an account owner. Before building an engagement model you will want to have custom activity types and activity lanes created. Begin in the administration panel where the engagement models are on the left-hand side. Find the…