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Customer Loyalty eBookLearn how to:

  • Reduce churn.
  • Increase loyalty.
  • Curate customer advocates.

This free e-Book gives Customer Success Management professionals insight into the psychology of loyalty, a systematic approach to cultivating loyalty, and strategy behind converting loyal customers into brand advocates.

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Consider the value of referrals.

Customer Success Management professionals are in the driver’s seat for garnering loyalty, and loyal customers refer more loyal customers. Learn the basis for loyalty, the approaches for making more joy-filled customers, and the strategies for capitalizing on your advocates:

The Loyal Brain: Loyalty doesn’t happen just because you have a great product. It depends largely upon having delightful experiences and trusting that those experiences will endure. It’s all about the Dopamine!

Joy-filled Customers: Once your customers are joyful, you really need them to become your advocates. This is a process that requires being  deliberate and constant, and even mutual, in your advocacy.

Loyalty Bank: Whether it’s a loyalty program or keeping tallies to know when to ask for a reference, loyalty involves a give and take. Fortunately, there are some strategies for tapping into your loyal customer base without disrupting it.

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Don’t lose valuable customers.

Customer Loyalty eBook

Loyal customers refer an average of nine new prospects. And the probability of converting an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent whereas the probability of converting a new prospect is between five and 20 percent. Learn the Customer Success Management keys to create customer loyalty and a culture of advocacy with our eBook.

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Consider the cumulative impact of one unhappy customer versus one loyal customer. Customer Success Management professionals hold the keys to securing loyalty.

Bolstra Customer Loyalty Chart

Why Our Customers Use Bolstra

Bolstra is a highly adaptable customer success management platform…the architecture allows us to easily align it to our complex businesses processes across many different teams, locations, and regions.

Adam Staples, Customer Success Director, Aprimo

Bolstra is taking a very forward-thinking approach to Customer Success; it provides the same analytics capability that other CS software does (you can generate multiple Health Scores and run reports), but it also has an Agile workflow capability that no other platform has. This is a game-changing technology in this space; it’s something that can help to effect real results rapidly.

Ariel Benzakein, (former) Senior Director of Customer Solutions, Experian

We’re very interested in being able to streamline software stacks for our employees and put our finger on really understanding our account health. The software allows us to pull out reports quicker and easier than Salesforce!

Shannon Giannetti, Account Supervisor,