Communication 501 Webinar 2019-11-13T17:10:41-05:00

Communication 501: Hard Conversations

Customer Relationships hinge on preserving the balance between value delivered and value received.

When you or your customer perceives that there’s an imbalance of value, this equilibrium can be thrown off and conflicts can arise. Whether the conflicts are real or perceived, resetting the relationship often involves challenging conversations – both verbal and written.

Brian Wones, the Senior Director of Customer Success at Cloud Elements, knows a lot about conducting these hard conversations – responsible for customer success, customer support, go-to-market strategy, product management, positioning and evangelism. In this webinar, Brian provides tactical counsel on how to set yourself (any customer-facing role) up for success by being in a place where you can win as often as possible with your customer. When winning involves difficult conversations, you want to have a game plan before you jump into the ring.

Learn about:

– The journey you should take when entering into difficult conversations
– How to have more verbal confidence
– What’s involved in managing the perceptions of your customers
– How to help your customers own their own outcomes
– And more

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